Ahmad Basri Nababan, S.H., M.H., C.L.A., C.Med

Ahmad Basri Nababan (Basri) is an Associate at Prof. Dr. Juanda, S.H., M.H. & Partners Law Firm. He works on consultancy, mediation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. As an Associate in our Dispute Resolution practice, Mr. Basri has the capacity to provide our clients with qualified legal advice in civil and criminal law matters. Mr. Basri has had a great deal of success in facilitating settlement of disputes via Mediation and/or Settlement to avoid the expense of formal dispute resolution procedures. Notwithstanding this, His extensive knowledge of the Indonesian legal system combined with his excellent litigation skills made him to assist and guide individuals and companies in settling their dispute, whether it concerns complex international issues or local matters.

He also has experience advising clients in criminal investigations. He has developed great expertise in assisting clients brought before Indonesian criminal courts, at each step of proceedings.

He speaks English and Bahasa Indonesia.